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Hershey’s pasta division was acquired for $450 million by a management group in 1998, creating New World Pasta, a business with annual sales of about $400 million. Afterward, AIPC’s continued growth, together with the emergence and extraordinary success of Barilla USA beginning in 1999, made for tough sledding for New World Pasta, and the. Comprehensive Service. We specialise in a full service 'White' or 'Own Label' nutraceutical supply, manufacturing for many of Europe's leading nutritional supplement brands. Started over 50 years ago, Louisa Foods is a family-owned business. Fernando Baldetti, St. Louis restaurateur produced high-quality, scratch-made ravioli and pasta for local restaurants. (In fact, even today you would be surprised how often you are eating Louisa Foods pasta!) With a strong focus on fresh ingredients, and carefully crafted by skilled artisans, Baldetti's belief that. Welcome to the world of Belmar Food – Western Australian based pasta manufacturer of premium-quality, 100% natural pasta products. Here at Belmar Foods, we specialise in pasta manufacture, and as such we pride ourselves in being one of Australia’s top pasta manufacturers. Belmar Foods is pasta supplier, pasta wholesaler and a pasta.
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